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The Air,
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The kitchen hood is an integral part of every home. Combining an elegant look with high quality and functionality, it should meet the expectations of demanding consumers.

This is our philosophy that we have successfully implemented for over 40 years on the Polish and European markets. We are a leading, family-owned, Polish company specializing in the production of kitchen hoods. We create environmentally friendly, technologically and aesthetically advanced devices that purify the air in your kitchen.

Tradition fueled by

Our collection reflects not only the latest designer trends. For over 40 years, we have been consistently introducing technological innovations that make our hoods operate quietly, effectively purify the air, and bring a warm atmosphere to every kitchen.

We create Hoods with Passion

Get to know us, get to know our production process. Click on the right side and see the production process. This is a story about precision, design and attention to every detail, which will make you look at kitchen arrangements from a completely new perspective. Welcome to the exciting process of creating Maan hoods!

Production process

Our film will take you on an exciting journey during which you will learn how elegance and functionality are born from raw materials. Immerse yourself in the process where master craftsmanship and modern innovation create the unrivaled quality of every Maan hood.

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Virtual tour

Take a look at our office, a portion of our showroom where we display models currently available for sale as well as prototypes. Visit us in Pruszków.

Take a virtual tour.

Performance laboratory

Explore our office and a part of our showroom where we showcase models available for sale as well as prototypes. Thanks to ongoing research, they are becoming increasingly efficient, quieter, and more environmentally friendly

Quality Management System

The ISO 9001 quality management system has been in operation in our company since 2010. Developed within the system and annually verified procedures encompass fundamental processes, including design, engineering work, production, sales along with after-sales support.

Environmental management system

Certification of the environmental management system, i.e. the introduction of the ISO 14001 standard, a key step in the pursuit of sustainable development and environmental protection, allows the company to achieve not only compliance with legal requirements, but will also bring numerous operational and competitive benefits.