For business/OEM.

OEM contract partner for leading European brands.
Founded 1989

We’re a partner who understands what your business does and needs.

As an OEM partner, we produce:

  • models from our catalog individually configured
  • customer designed models
  • models designed by us according to customer specifications

We are open to ideas from our partners!

Our resources

  • 2 manufacturing plants in central Poland, where we employ a highly specialized workforce of employees.
  • in-house laboratory for testing hood parameters.
  • Research and Development department
  • ISO 9001 quality management system

Model advantage

why MAAN?

Keeping your business running smoothly today also means preparing for tomorrow and the future. With the modernization of equipment and tools and the need for companies to constantly improve and keep up with the competition, the benefits of working with an OEM extend far beyond the here and now.

In many cases, the company does not have the appropriate facilities to meet the challenges, to independently produce highly specialized and mass-produced goods – or outsourcing production is simply much cheaper.

By engaging in the services offered by the OEM manufacturer, MAAN, we provide partners with the use of external production capacity and 30 years of know-how.

Economies of scale – cost-effective production.

Thanks to our narrow specialization in the production and design of hoods, the final product cost is lower, while maintaining high quality.

Our partner receives a high-quality product at an optimal price and can focus on sales, marketing, or distribution.

Reduced time required for product market introduction.

By utilizing our machinery park, the Partner doesn’t need to invest in machines and technologies. The production implementation process is minimized.

No risk of intellectual property rights infringement.enia praw własności intelektualnej.

We guarantee reliable and compliant production while maintaining intellectual property rights in the case of manufacturing models designed by the client.

High quality.

Our hoods are tested according to rigorous specialized testing standards and international quality management systems.

All our parts and components are created and tested according to the original specification, ensuring high quality. We guarantee operation according to the Customer’s factory specifications.

Return on investment

We take the utmost care to ensure that the hoods we produce are made according to factory specifications and meet all the requirements and standards of the client. The solidity of execution ensures the high quality of our products.

Technical and design support.

At any moment, we provide contact information for the team of designers and experts who designed and supervised the production of the hoods.


Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
phone: +48 539 774 275