Maan – a Polish manufacturer of high-quality kitchen hoods, enriches its offer with an induction hob.

Maan, as an experienced and trusted manufacturer of kitchen hoods for 40 years, decided to take a step further. To meet customer expectations, Maan has enriched its wide range of hoods with a modern induction hob. The aim was to enable customers to purchase a set of 2 modern and reliable devices from one brand, which ensures even greater shopping comfort.

Maan induction hob, why is it worth investing in?

Cooking on an induction hob is a modern, efficient and economical technology for preparing food. However, it is not only convenience, but also lower cooking costs.

The Maan hob has all the necessary functions to make cooking always a pleasure and allow you to save time that you can spend with your family.

Combining heating zones, even more possibilities.

The hob is equipped with 4 heating zones that allow you to prepare meals for the whole family. Additionally, the device has the function of combining two fields, which gives even more possibilities.

Combining the fields into a large Flexi Zone induction zone allows you to prepare food in larger vessels. Thanks to this, you can use very large pots, grill pans or roasting pans (the dishes must be adapted to cooking on induction hobs), and thus prepare meals for a larger number of people.

Intuitive and modern Slider Circle touch control.

Touch control is a very convenient and simple solution. It is also a safe option to use. This control also makes it easier to clean the hob after cooking. The Maan induction hob has a Circle Slider control that gives the hob a unique design and enables smooth control of the heating power of the fields.

PowerBoost function.

The Maan induction hob has a PowerBoost function for all cooking zones.

The PowerBoost function is used to increase the heating power of the hob, which allows you to reach the desired temperature faster and shorten cooking time. This is especially useful when quickly heating large amounts of water or preparing dishes that require high temperatures.

Protection and safety.

To protect users, the hob is equipped with a pot detection function, thanks to which it will turn off automatically when there is no pot on it.

The child lock is another level of protection, preventing the youngest household members from accidentally turning on the hob.

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