Modern and cost-effective filters for kitchen hoods with air recirculation

New – VIKICKS hood plasma filters, a modern, durable and economical way to get rid of unpleasant odors from the kitchen.

What are plasma filters?

Plasma filters clean the air by passing it through a mixture of positive and negative plasma ions. It deactivates harmful chemical particles and pollutants. The clean air is then released back into the kitchen through the recirculation system.

Various models, more saving, less noise.

This is how the VIKICKS plasma filters we recommend work. We offer them
in four different sizes and with different filtering options:

  • VR180 – filters up to 400m³/h – size ø165mm x 200 mm
  • VR220 – filters up to 600m³/h – size ø165mm x 240 mm
  • VR280 – filters up to 800m³/h – size ø165mm x 300 mm
  • VR350 – filters up to 1000m³/h – size ø165mm x 370 mm

Their important feature is that they are suitable for both Maan and other manufacturers’ hoods. Thanks to air recirculation, there is no need to install complicated and expensive systems that would extract air outside the building.

Filtry VIKICKS są również bardziej trwałe w porównaniu z filtrami węglowymi. One filter is enough for 5 years. We assure you that it will not lose its ability to remove unpleasant odors or contamination caused during cooking, as well as viruses or allergens, over time.

VIKICKS plasma filters also allow you to mute the noise of the hood. This is something desirable in the kitchen, where the loud operation of the device may, for example, disturb a conversation. You can enjoy not only cleaner air, but also less noise.

Get to know the VIKICKS plasma filters in our offer