Always clean air in your kitchen.

Discharging the extracted cooking air to the outside of the building becomes a thing of the past. Regular fume extraction increases heating costs and requires expensive ductwork. Recirculating filters are the solution to these problems. The extracted air from the kitchen is filtered in the extractor hood and directed back to the kitchen. VIKICKS plasma filters completely filter the extracted air and remove all cooking odors. Unlike a carbon filter, the VIKICKS Plasma Filter does not need to be replaced every year and does not lose its filtering ability over time.

A bit of theory:

What does a plasma filter consist of:

The plasma filter is a technologically advanced solution that can significantly improve indoor air quality. This is important for the health and comfort of people staying inside buildings, especially in the context of increased awareness of air quality and allergens.

What is a plasma filter?

A plasma filter is a type of air filter used in air conditioning and ventilation systems. It uses cold plasma technology to neutralize harmful particles and air pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, allergens and odors.

How does a plasma filter work?

The plasma filter uses a process called plasma ionization. When air flows through the filter, it generates an electric field that creates plasma. This plasma is a mixture of positive and negative ions. When these ions come into contact with pollutant particles in the air, they neutralize them, turning them into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

Why Choose VIKICKS Plasma Filter?

The VIKICKS filter makes no sound and even has a damping effect

For each hood:
There is a VIKICKS filter for every cooker hood as there are eight different sizes available.

Quick installation
The VIKICKS filter can be installed in no time


The VIKICKS filter recirculates the air, making the exhaust duct redundant and saving on heating costs

How the VIKICKS recirculating filter works


Recirculation is a technique where the air in a room is filtered and returned to the room. This means that the heat stays in your home and you save significantly on energy costs. You no longer need to have an external drain, which in turn saves on installation costs for your kitchen. Thanks to recirculation, you are ready for the future.

Plasma technology

With the VIKICKS plasma filter, odors and harmful substances are eliminated using advanced plasma technology. The filter is controlled by a small 5.5V adapter and is a plug & play solution that cleans the air automatically.

Clean air for years

The VIKICKS filter only needs to be replaced once every five years. To spora różnica w porównaniu np. z filtrem węglowym, który trzeba wymieniać co roku. The VIKICKS filter has a two-year warranty.

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