Types/Categories of Hoods.

In addition to its functions of absorbing and neutralizing unpleasant odors and protecting furniture from moisture and greasy residue, a kitchen hood must also provide the option of installation according to the vision and design of each customer’s kitchen.

Many models available on the market are universal devices that can be used in kitchens in a block of flats, as well as in detached houses or segments. Depending on the installation method, several types of eaves can be distinguished:

– telescopic – that is, pull-out, intended for building (you can also meet the colloquial name “drawer”);

– island – intended for rooms with a kitchen island;

– inserts – models to be built into the cabinet;

– island – intended for rooms with a kitchen island;

– wall/chimney hoods otherwise known as vertical – mounted on the wall;

– ceiling

Currently, the Maan company has a very wide range of hoods in each of these categories.

Telescopic hoods

Telescopic appliances are ideal for small kitchens where every centimeter counts. These hoods are built-in and are mounted in cabinets above the cooker. On the outside, only an aesthetic, several-centimeter strip is visible.

A characteristic feature of this type of equipment is a pull-out drawer with a ventilation surface, which significantly increases its efficiency. How does it work? When preparing meals on 1 or 2 burners, you do not need to pull out the drawer. However, if you fry more aromatic dishes or use all burners – then the extended “drawer” covering the surface of the cooker will ensure good neutralization of odors and absorption of fumes.

Under-cabinet hoods

Under-cabinet hoods, as the name suggests, are mounted under the cabinets. The compact dimensions of the equipment make it possible to install it in small, narrow kitchens. There are models available on the market with different widths from 50 cm to even 90 cm. Therefore, there is no problem with adjusting the device to the size of the cooker.

Most of the models are universal types, which can be connected to the ventilation shaft if necessary and possible.

Under-cabinet hoods are usually the cheapest types of hoods.

Hoods cartridges

Eaves inserts are designed to be built in. They are characterized by the fact that when placed in a cabinet, they become almost invisible. Outside, under the cabinet, only a panel is visible, in which, among others, controls and lighting. The body of such a hood built into the cabinet does not fill its entire surface, so it can be used to store small things.

Thanks to this construction, we can make the most of the space available in the kitchen. Currently, these are the most popular types of hoods on the Polish market.

Wall-chimney hoods

When you need a sophisticated hood that will not only be functional, but also give character to your kitchen, check out chimney models. They owe their name to their construction, resembling a chimney.

When it comes to the types of hoods for the kitchen in this category, they can be divided into models: Tuba, Oblique / Vertical, T-line (in the shape of an inverted T), Traditional hoods – pyramid type.

The wall-chimney hood fits perfectly into modern interiors. A very wide range of such hoods allows you to choose a model that will perfectly match the decor of our kitchen. Many models are made of black tempered glass, thanks to which they perfectly combine with the induction hob of the same color. They are also convenient to use, because with a small depth (30-40 cm) they provide high comfort of work.

Hoods in this category give you the opportunity to choose a model that, in addition to functionality, is often an element of the design of our home.

Island hoods

This type of hood is chosen especially by customers who have kitchen islands in their kitchen. Such hoods are mounted to the ceiling above the heating plate mounted in such an island.


round island hoods, commonly known as tubes – have the shape of a tube with adjustable length. Tubes can be of different diameters and colors. These are currently the most frequently chosen hoods when it comes to island models.e of a tube with adjustable length.

– modern island hoods – in the shape of an inverted “T”

– rectangular island hoods – with an adjustable chimney that allows you to adjust the height, they have a minimalist, futuristic design.

– decorative island hoods – they largely fulfill decorative functions, the form resembles designer lamps.

– rustic island hoods – retro style hoods mounted above the island in rustic kitchens.

Ceiling Hoods

Ceiling Hoods – these are models that are installed within a suspended ceiling, causing only the decorative hood panel with lighting to be visible.

Such hoods are flush-mounted with the ceiling, making them invisible and suitable for modern interior designs.

This is made possible by constructing hoods with special flat turbines or with external turbines that are installed outside the kitchen space.

They also successfully serve as lighting fixtures, often making them indistinguishable from modern lamps.

To meet the expectations of every customer, Maan offers hoods from all the described categories in a wide range of shapes, colors, and with various technical specifications.