Choosing a hood for the kitchen – efficiency?

A kitchen hood is one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen. The key parameter to pay attention to when choosing a hood for our kitchen is efficiency. The efficiency of the hood allows you to determine whether the device will work in a particular kitchen, i.e. whether it will effectively clean the air in it by removing unwanted cooking odors as well as floating grease particles that may settle on furniture and walls.

However, how do you know if a particular kitchen hood has the right performance to work properly in your home?

The capacity of each hood model is given in m³/h. It determines how many m³ of air the hood will filter in one hour. It is assumed that the device placed in the kitchen should filter the air in the entire kitchen 6 times in one hour.

How to calculate which hood to choose for our kitchen?

So, to find out if a given hood model will be suitable for our kitchen, we first calculate its volume, i.e. we multiply the area by the height. Let’s assume that our kitchen is 10 m² and 2.5 m² high. Its volume will therefore be 10 m² x 2.5 m², or 25 m³. To calculate the capacity of the hood intended for it, multiply the volume of the kitchen by 6. Thus, we get 150 m³ – the minimum capacity that the hood must have. However, we have calculated the value for a closed kitchen. When dealing with an open kitchen, the volume of the entire room should be taken into account, e.g. 10 m² of the kitchen and 20 m² of the living room, i.e. a total of 30 m² times 2.5 m² of height, which gives a volume of 75 m3. For such an open kitchen, we should have a hood with a capacity of min. 450 m3.

Cooker hoods are the unseen heroes of our kitchens, helping to keep the air fresh and clean for a pleasant dining experience. A well-chosen hood is a guarantee of comfort and satisfaction from cooking.